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Have you ever heard of Mantua? Perhaps you did, and the one thing that came into your mind might be the famous Mantua City in Northern Italy. Yes, you are right but what I’m going to present to you is American’s version of Mantua, located in Ohio. Mantua is a small town located in the center of Ohio. It is a small town but has many services and attractions for visitors to enjoy. One thing to keep in mind is that many services will provide you convenience like roofing services.  The center is located on North Main Street and it is the heart of the city. It has been a focal point of the community since it was built.  It provides visitors with the opportunity to find out the rich history of the city.  Throughout the year, there are several events that take place at the center.  The center is  worth visiting if you are passing through the city.

More About Mantua, Ohio

The Chronicles of Mantua, Ohio

Mantua Village’s humble origin can be traced back to the 1800s. The area, which we now know as the village of Mantua, was owned by the Tappan family of Tappanville (Ravenna, Ohio), who were the first settlers. In 1842, they made a Grand Tour to Europe and eventually fell in love with Italy, and so when they came home, they renamed the place in reminiscing and great admiration of the Italian town they’ve come to adore. The town was developed as Mantua Station, a stopover between Cleveland and Mahoning Valley Railroad. In 1898, it became Mantua, in homage to Napoleon, who subdued Mantua in early 1797 at the end of the Battle of Mantua.

Mantua Ohio | Roofing Service Company

Mantua Village sits along the Cuyahoga River, also known as the “Crooked River” in Portage County. Geographically, when someone tells you they live on Ohio State Route 44, then you know that place in Mantua. From Mantua, you will see the Ohio Turnpike, approximately two miles to the south and seven miles to the northern side, US Route 422. This access will put Mantua Village positioned for exponential growth and become a most desirable place to live and work in Northeast Ohio.

Celebration of Kinship, Food & Arts

Mantua, Ohio, is home to many special events that highlight the Community’s long-standing tradition and rich cultural heritage. Let’s look at three of these particular events that pay homage to Mantua’s rich heritage.

"Arts on the Hill & Wine Tastings" - A Confluence of Mantua's Rich Cultural Heritage

Mantua, Ohio, is home to the infamous Art’s on the Hill, which was hailed as “2014 Best’s Arts and Cultural Event in Portage County”. It’s a whole day festival that highlights artists’ work of Art such as ceramics, sculptures and handmade paintings. It also features Ohio Maple products and wine tasting courtesy of four local wineries, namely the Sharon James Cellars, Little Paws Winery, Barrel Run Crossings Winery & Vineyard, Candlelight Winery. There’s also Chinese Auctions and Merchant Circles.

Mantua Ohio | Roofing Service Company
Mantua Ohio | Roofing Service Company

Mantua's Potato Festival - "A Festival for the Community by the Community"

Since 1974, Mantua’s Potato Festival has been a source of live and joyous entertainment, which includes children’s activities, fun runs, bucket brigade, homemade crafts,15k road race, Potato Festival Queen’s Contest and a lot more family-friendly activities. Every September, Mantua’s Potato Festival celebrates the legacy of Potato as the primary agricultural crop grown in the area. This event will surely satisfy one’s enormous appetite for Puds in many forms- candy, doughnuts, pierogies, French fries, pastries and all.

Weather & Climate

Snowstorms are a fact of life, especially for the cities with the Great Lakes that surround Ohio. But, how often do they happen in Mantua? This question has been raised a few times recently, so we decided to investigate how Mantua stacks up to other cities in the area. We discovered that Mantua has a very average number of snowstorms per year compared to other cities in the Ohio Valley.The average Mantua OH weather can be cold during the winter months due to the snowstorms. Snowstorms are a big part of Mantua’s weather and can wreak havoc on Mantua, Ohio roofs.

Roofing Services in Mantua, OH

Mantua Ohio | Roofing Service Company

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