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Roofing Company With A Bold Vision

MK Roofing was started by Micah Kaufman in 2016. He initially started by doing a few roofing projects of his own while also working for another construction company. He officially started solely working on his own in late 2016 and has been working on growing and expanding this business ever since then. 

We are continually growing by adding more team members, covering more of Northeast Ohio, increasing our customer base as well as increasing our own office/warehouse space. After Micah got married in 2019, Jenna started working in the business too. Coming on full-time in 2020, they have worked together to create what is known as MK Roofing today. Jenna helped implement systems and processes in the office, enabling Micah to have more time to work on growing other areas. 

They are both super grateful for where the business is at today and attribute it to the amazing team of people that they have working for them as well as God blessing their efforts. They are excited to see what the future holds for MK Roofing.

Middlefield’s Residential Roofer and Commercial Roofing Contractor

Micah grew up in Middlefield, OH has serviced many different homeowners and businesses in the area with new roofs.

If you’re driving through the area, you can expect to see quite a few MK Roofing & Construction yard signs in front of different roofs we’ve installed.

We know as business owners, having a roof that’s not leaking, a roof that’s durable, a roof that can withstand weather, all of these things are very important.

The truth is most of the time, roofs go outside the list of our primary concerns. But whenever, or if ever you find yourself asking the question “are there roofing companies near me?” Whether it is a residential roofing service or commercial roofing expert you need, we are always prepared to respond.

We are so grateful to be your trusted roofing company here in Middlefield, always ready and happy to serve. Call us at (440) 271-8424 and experience our roof services ohio.

Serving Middlefield OH & Surrounding Areas Since 2016

From commercial roof restoration, shingle and metal roofing, and general construction, MK Roofing & Construction offers quality roofing & general construction solutions at an exceptional rate. We work from initial contact through final inspection to ensure professional, high quality work and 100% customer satisfaction.

High Quality Service

Our professional crew is dedicated to the highest quality construction standards on every project.

Competitive Pricing

We work hard to keep our prices the most competitive on the market by keeping our overhead down and passing those savings on to you.

Experienced Builders

Owner, Micah, has a lifetime of construction experience under his belt and has been running his own company since 2016. Our foreman Justin has 5+ years of experience in the roofing and construction industries.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our work. Bottomline, we will always work hard to ensure your expectations are met and exceeded.


Residential & Commercial Roofing & Construction

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Residential and Commercial Roofing Solutions: The battle against Weather and Time

Roofs are a home’s first line of protection. Taken for granted most of the time, it contributes heavily to keeping our houses comfortable and safe.

Sadly, as a homeowner, there isn’t much that can be done. You know the danger that bad weather conditions pose on your roof. But even after the weather has cleared, it can be hard to see the extent of the damage it created on your house.

Any weather can affect your roof in a variety of ways. That’s why it is essential to make roof maintenance a routine practice to reduce the possibility of needing expensive roofing repair.

Another factor that can significantly affect roofs is time. We can’t prevent our roofs from getting old, and with aging comes a variety of unseen complications.

But not everyone understands that roofs can be damaged and still look good. That is why it is necessary to get a professional roof inspection. Once these seemingly minor roof injuries accumulate over time, you have a retiring roof and can have an empty pocket in no time.

The solution? Instead of waiting until it is too late, you can schedule a roof inspection and be saved from the consequences of a neglected roof.

To be sure, we recommend that you contact a roofing expert. It’s an investment worth making! Call at (440) 271-8424 for an inspection and estimate that is right for your needs.

Roof Services to Meet Your Roofing Needs

While staying true to our goals, our company has learned to adapt to the constant changes life offers. We have always done whatever it takes to provide the best experience to our customers. From installing standing seam metal roofs to roofing shingles, we’ve worked hard to deliver all of our services with great precision and care.

We can confidently say that our commitment to excellence has never wavered. If you ever need help with metal roofs, roofing shingles, commercial roof replacement, commercial roof maintenance, roofing installation, commercial roof restoration, or metal roofs for residential homes, we are here for you!

We also partner with Conklin, a leader in the roofing industry. The systems and products they offer set them apart. Their products equate durability and efficiency like no other manufacturers, making them a high-quality and long-lasting solution you can trust. From Metal Roof restoration, TPO restoration, PVC roofing system, and EPDM roofing systems, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

With all your roofing needs now within your reach, there is no reason for roof concerns to keep on bothering you!

Roofing Contractor in Middlefield OH

The Price of Excellence: The Basics of a Roofing Estimate

The roofing cost is one of the first things that you should know when considering a roof replacement or roof service of any kind. Many factors can affect the price. Materials, labor costs, and the type of service are just a few of those.

We offer free roofing inspections and roofing estimates to allow you to get to know us before you have to make any kind of commitment. We will listen to all your different concerns or needs. We are confident that throughout this process we will be able to address your needs and find a solution that’s right for you specifically.

Since high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are the main goals of our company, we always listen to our client’s concerns. We ensure that the work on your home will be fast, smooth, and long-lasting.

Above anything, we pride ourselves on the trust and respect our prior customers have given us. Quality service is our staple, and your satisfaction is our priority.

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Roofing Questions and Answers

How much does a new roof cost?

A replacement roof can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and complexity of roofs. The pricing for a new roof will depend on the size of your roof and the labor involved. There is also something called “inflation pricing”, which can cause the price to rise over time as costs generally increase in your geographic region.

For a more accurate estimate, you can contact us about the type of roofs that you need and we can give an estimate.

When does a roof need to be replaced?

This topic can be discussed at length, but the consensus is that if you are seeing repairs to your home have been done in order to compensate for problems with leakage, then you may want to consider replacing your roof. Roofs deteriorate gradually and will often need an annual inspection and repairs

How often does a roof need to be replaced?

These suggested time frames will vary depending on the climate that the roof is exposed to. Generally, this is the recommended replacement time frame based on the quality of materials used.

  • Asphalt Shingles: 30-40 years
  • Rubber Roofs: 20-30 years
  • Metal Roofs: 40-60 years
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs: 50-75 years

Do not forget that regular inspection and proper maintenance can help prolong the wearing time of any material installed on your house. This one is just a general estimate based on experiments mostly done in controlled environments.

How long does a shingle roof last?

A shingle roof will typically last 30-40 years based on how the homeowner maintains it. Shingles are designed to be a durable and long-lasting product. The length of time it can last will depend on the quality of materials, frequency of repairs, and climate. Extreme heat or cold is a primary factor in determining how quickly it deteriorates.

How long does a metal roof last?

Statistically speaking, a metal roof could last anywhere from 40 – 60 years, depending on various factors. In some cases, they may outlast your home. The lifespan of a ohio metal roofing system heavily depends on geographical location and the climate where it is installed.

What are the Roof Requirements for Homeowners Insurance?

A sturdy roof, solid and secure against weather conditions like hail, tornado, and hurricane, is the number one priority for insurance companies. Your home’s internal surface is less vulnerable than its exterior if it has a well-built roof that can endure strong winds. Strong winds may smash the outer layer, but wind can’t transcend through tiles to an inner structure. Insurers will naturally value property more highly with a soundly constructed roof.

When Asking are there Roofing Companies Near Me: Contact the Right Roof Company close by!

For a company committed to providing excellent service, look no further than MK Roofing & Construction. We provide premium services which include roof installation, replacement, restoration & maintenance, both for your residential and commercial roofing needs. here’s a list of our service locations:

With the team of roofing experts that we have, you can rest assured that we will handle your project with great care. If you’re looking for a reliable business partner who will take care of your roofs, call us at (440) 271-8424 today!