#1 Place to Live in NE Ohio (Cleveland Magazine)

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Have you ever been to the “City of Champions”? For the sports fanatic, most especially basketball enthusiasts, it is known as the hometown of Lebron James and the ” Big Red Machine” in reference to its baseball team. This place also is named Cleveland’s #1 Place to Live in NE Ohio. So let’s head on and find out more about this beautiful place -SOLON.

More About Solon, Ohio

Solon - In the Beginning

The city of Solon, OH, is a beautiful and historic community located just northwest of Cleveland and is part of the more prominent Cleveland- Akron- Canton metropolitan area. Solon has a rich history, dating back to 1812 when a French trader established the first permanent settlement in the area. The trader built a trading post near the present-day border of Solon and Cleveland Heights, and the community eventually took his name: Solon Robinson. Today, the city of Solon is home to nearly 30,000 residents, and the peaceful surroundings and excellent schools have made it a great place to raise families.

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As Solon’s population grows ever higher, the need for a comprehensive source of information about the city has grown as well. Solonohio.org (“Where People Get Answers”) aims to fill that need. The site includes several interactive maps, a list of restaurants by type, and a list of local businesses so that visitors to Solon can quickly find these pieces of information. Let’s zoom in on some interesting facts about the Solonites.

Solon's Booming Economy

Solon Ohio’s introduction to industrialization began in 1929 when the Bready Cultimotor tractor company established its business in Solon. Since then, Solon Ohio has developed an impressive and impressive local, regional and national economy. In 2013 and 2014, it earned Google eCity award as a testament to its magnanimous economic online presence. Furthermore, the City of Solon was named the third-best community in America for entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine. The city’s well-educated and well-paid population is a major plus for potential business owners. This city has a thriving -balanced economy with a low unemployment rate of 3.6 %. The US average is 3.7%, according to Bestplaces.net. 

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The Solon, Ohio economy has traditionally been based around the manufacturing of products, particularly those for the agriculture industry. Recently, however, the economy of Solon has been shifting to become more of a service-based economy. Some of the largest employers in Solon include Solon City Schools, Medical Mutual, State Auto Insurance, Cleveland Clinic, United Dairy Farmers and Procter & Gamble.

Solon's Spectacular Sights

Timberlake Park

Sitting on the edge of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park is the well preserved and well kept Timberlake Park of Solon, Ohio, which offers visitors a chance to enjoy the outdoors and immerse themselves in nature. One cannot miss the joy of fishing in the 4-acre lake, which is home to many good ole fishes such as the sunfish and the catfish. Another most prominent features of the park are the large fountains in the middle of the park. Around the fountain, visitors will find plenty of places to relax, eat lunch, have a picnic, read a book, or enjoy the scenery. This park has included a wide and large park ground with a large variety of active sports courses.

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You can find the park in the center of Solon, Ohio, and it is also the most popular park in Solon, Ohio. The park includes a large variety of sports ground:- Tennis court, basketball court, football ground, and running tracks. There’s also a large playground for children.

Grantwood Golf Club

The Solon area has a lot of golf courses. From the scenic trails at Stonebridge and StoneCreek to the challenging courses at Timber Creek and Blackthorn, there’s a course for just about every type of golfer. It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the first tee, trying to figure out which of the area’s trails—and their various greens fees and amenities—is suitable for you. One of these golf course is  the Grantwood Golf Club. Grantwood Golf Course is a private 18 hole golf course located in Solon, Ohio. The club was founded in 1941 and is owned by the Solon Golf Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 

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Although not difficult to walk, the course is tough to master, with water hazards on several holes and difficult shots around trees and hills. At 6,711 yards, it is also a long course, which means players need to make well-calibrated shots to score well. The course is open to the public and offers golf activities such as lessons, clinics, leagues, tournaments, golf outings for children.

Solon's Historical Museum

Located in the historic 1913 Carnegie Library building is Solon’s Historical Society Museum. The building is a two-story brick building in the Classical Revival style. It has two floors: the first floor exhibits permanent and temporary exhibits, and the second-floor houses offices, a research library, and storage. The Solon Historical Society is a non-profit organization that was established in 1995. It is an organization whose purpose is to collect, preserve, share, and promote the history of the City of Solon and its people. The Society conducts an annual Parade of Homes Tour, a Memorial Day Parade, the Solon Community Garage Sale, and other events and activities throughout the year. 

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The Society also sponsors and supports the Solon Historical Museum at the Shurmer House, and the Solon Historical Society Archives. The Society meets the second Thursday of every month at 8 p.m. at the Solon Community Center, 22044 Lorain Road. Meetings are open to the public.

Solon Home Days - Festival of Life & Camaraderie

In Solon, Ohio, there’s nothing quite as exciting as home days (at least, as far as we can tell). The Solon Home Days is an annual spring festival that lasts for weeks and is the biggest community event of the year. It features local businesses, local organizations, artists and craftsmen. The event is held on Solon High Schools football field and includes several activities such as a parade, a soccer tournament, a classic car show, a 5k run, and much more. You can expect to find everything from great vendors to tons of giveaways, from delicious local food to lots of fun behind the scenes extras. And when you come to the Solon, Ohio Home Days, you can take advantage of all the fun of the local marketplace, with a little something for everyone. It’s a great way to buy what you need while also supporting the local community.

Roofing Services in Solon, Ohio

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Solon, Ohio, is considered the best place to live in Ohio with the most peaceful environment and the coolest weather. But no place is immune to bad weathers that cause significant destruction. Snowstorms and ice blizzards are one of the worst weather conditions that can happen in Solon, Ohio. In times like this, you can rely on MK Roofing & Construction Services to take care of your roof so it’ll protect your family from harm even during the stormy season. Call 440-271-8424 to request a free quote

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