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MK Roofing & Construction Services is a full-service commercial roofing contractor that was established in 2016. For your company, we provide specialist First-Class Commercial Roofing Services such as Roof Installation, Roofing Replacement, Roof Renovation, Roof Repair, and Roof Maintenance.

We understand what you need, which is why Commercial Roofing Installation Middlefield OH works tirelessly to ensure that your commercial roof is of the highest quality and serves as a constant reminder of your good business structure. Micah leads a team of skilled, dependable, and highly competent commercial roofing specialists in Middlefield, Ohio.

Commercial Roof

Commercial Roof Installation Process

You may have been curious about the procedure for installing a new commercial roof. The majority of commercial roofs are either flat, low-sloped, or more practical. The initial installation of these types of roofing systems isn’t as easy and straightforward as it may appear. As a result, it’s critical to hire only certified, experienced, and dependable commercial roofing contractors for this job, such as MK Roofing & Construction Services.

To ensure that our clients receive only the best service, all of our roofing professionals go through extensive training to become skilled and keep up with all of the latest innovations and techniques for a high-quality installation. Let’s take a look at the steps we took to get that new roof for your business that is both durable and well-built.

Commercial roof installation in Middlefield OH

Consultation and Advice

A free consultation will be held for business owners to discuss various commercial roofing system options and material selection. What applies best for your company, roof cost analysis, and goals so our company can follow a clear path.

The total construction timeline is also something that all commercial roofing installation programs have in common. A detailed timeline outlining the time it would take to finish the job should be given to the project owner by the contractor. During this time, the provider can request periodic bids for different services to ensure that their services are being paid fairly. The extent of the work will also be determined by the timetable, which could necessitate additional remodeling of some areas of the building.

The First Steps

If an agreement is made, a contract is drawn up with specifics such as the company owner’s personalized specification sheet, Mk Roofing Construction & Services’ suggested solutions to particular project requirements, prices, and a Service Level Agreement. Our Commercial Roof Installation crew can get to work quickly on your project. We understand how important it is to get your company back in the game as quickly as possible, and we make every effort to complete tasks on time.

Commercial roof installation in Middlefield Ohio

Final Examination and Reviews

Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, we need to hear from you about how pleased you are with our work. We need your feedback right away so that we can assess our performance and make improvements to our commercial roofing services. Your happiness is an important factor in determining our success.

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