Headwaters Park Middlefield, OH

Headwaters Park Middlefield, OH

Headwaters Park is one of the largest municipal parks in the Akron area, located along the East Branch of the Cuyahoga River. The park is an excellent location for people to enjoy hiking, fishing, and birdwatching, a large display of nature and wildlife. Visitors to the park can take one of the five trails that total 4.7 miles. Two miles of the Buckeye Trail are located here, an excellent place for people to hike, bike, and run. The park also has a large pond for fishing and is a great place for birdwatching.

Wildlife Sanctuary & Arboretum is one of the best places for people to see birds and other animals, with three locations to view birds. The Center’s fields and adjacent prairie habitat allow birds to walk right through them. Guests can take a stroll on the nature trail to watch bird nests, wildflowers, or other flora. The prairie habitat is full of water lilies, which are perfect for viewing during spring. The largest of the three trails at the sanctuary is the East 1st trail which has a 700-foot elevation change and includes the old wetlands. Visitors can explore and learn about Ohio’s native species on this beautiful trail.

Both of the parks offer a multitude of opportunities for exercise and exploration. For those who enjoy swimming, it is an ideal location. Both of the parks have a pool and even a fully stocked fishing pond. There are also tennis courts, bocce ball, and other games to get in on. Nature At times, Headwaters Park may seem like an enclosure, but the scenic beauty of the park makes it hard to stay inside. The Appalachian Trail running through the park offers adventurers a glimpse of the Appalachian mountain range. Because of the surrounding nature, people who enjoy birdwatching will feel right at home here. At the same time, visitors can enjoy the Ohio River and Headwaters Park scenery, which both offer some spectacular views.

The Buckeye Trail, which runs through the eastern part of Akron, is one of the major attractions at Headwaters Park. This trail allows hikers to run, bike, and walk through the nature area of Headwaters Park, and it extends along the East Branch of the Cuyahoga River for 4.7 miles. The trails are steeper and harder to navigate, but Visitors can walk on the asphalt trail or use the dirt trails. This trail is perfect for hikers with a little extra stamina. 

There are multiple parking options at Headwaters Park, depending on how many people you have with you. Tall Oaks Park, Happy Valley, Happy Valley Shores, and Headwaters Park are great places to visit for fun activities. Each one has a unique atmosphere, and there are many activities to enjoy during your visit. Visit one of these parks to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park is one of the major attractions for Akron residents, and it is easy to find a spot here. On Saturdays, people can park in either the Farmers’ Market parking lot or along River Road.