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Do you want to avoid a roofing nightmare? If so, then get in touch with MK Roofing and Construction. We have been providing quality work roof repair services since 2016. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, making us the best choice for all your roofing needs. Our new state-of-the-art facility has everything we need to provide our customers with top-notch service from start to finish of their project. With over 30 combined years of experience in the industry, we are optimistic that no other company can offer what we do for excellent customer service and reasonable prices. Not only do we specialize in residential work but also commercial projects as well!

Offers residential and commercial remodeling and home improvement—a full-service roofing company based in Middlefield, Ohio. We specialize in roof repair and roof installation for both commercial and residential customers. We have years of expertise in working with metal roofing, including shingle and standing seam roofs, as well as gutter guards and leaf guards. Our Commercial Roofing Contractor, Ohio, can handle all your roofing requirements. We not only provide top-quality roofing products but also offer long-term, comprehensive service. Can address all your roofing requirements in any area of the community. Offers high-quality, top-notch roofing services for Ohio. We also repair roofs that have failed on residential and commercial buildings. Complete construction services are also available.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, we can say with confidence. We are available to help you with residential metal roofing, metal roof, metal roofing shingles, roof replacement, roofing maintenance, roofing restorations, and roof installation. Conklin is also a partner of ours, an industry leader in roofing. Their products and systems are what set them apart. They offer a long-lasting, durable solution that is reliable and efficient. Your satisfaction is assured with everything from Metal Roof restoration to TPO restoration to PVC roofing systems and EPDM roofs.

MK Roofing & Construction is a family-owned company that is committed to providing exceptional service. Offers premium roofing services, including replacement, restoration, maintenance, and repair. Here’s a listing of all our service areas: Middlefield Ohio, Chardon Ohio, Solon Ohio, Mantua Ohio. Chesterland Ohio.

The roof is an essential part of your establishment and needs to be looked after. It takes time to repair or replace a commercial roof. It is necessary to be familiar with the essential requirements for using these services. The top acts as an umbrella and foundation that supports other building elements like the ceiling or adjacent walls. How do you tell when your roof is due for replacement or repairs? What happens when you discover a leak in your roof? Is it possible to repair or replace your roof? Let’s see. It is better to offer a quick solution than get worse when it happens. It is possible that financial limitations can sometimes get in the way. We can avoid surprises by understanding the dynamic of commercial roofing systems. This could help us to prepare and give clues when they occur.

We offer free roofing inspections and roofing estimates to allow you to get to know us before you have to make any commitment. We will listen to all your different concerns or needs. We are confident that throughout this process, we will be able to address your roofing needs and find a solution that’s right for you specifically.

Since high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are the main goals of our company, we always listen to our client’s concerns. As a result, we ensure that the work on your home will be fast, smooth, and long-lasting.

The main reason you should get a roofing inspection is that it’s will extend your home’s lifespan. You want your home to have the best value when you go to sell it. Another reason you need an inspection is that it will prevent any costly repairs after the sale has been completed. When a roof is old and worn out, it does not bring the best value to a home improvement and all the details.

What are the benefits of hiring a roofing contractor?
There are many benefits to hiring a roofing contractor. Two of the main reasons would be that they have insurance for liability and worker’s compensation. This helps protect you from any accidents or injuries that may occur on your property. Another benefit is that it saves you time, allowing you to run your daily routine without being interrupted with repairs or construction of any kind. Lastly, having professional roofers working on your home will help prevent more damage from occurring in the future.

Our team is skilled in both installing and fixing roofs on residential and commercial properties. Our construction crew is experienced in installing new roofs and uses only the highest-quality roofing materials. Our roofing company is family-owned and operated. We have an excellent reputation. Our team has years of industry-proven experience and knowledge. We also have safety training. People expect top-quality work from us because of our superb reputation. While other roofing contractors may be as skilled as ours, you cannot guarantee that they will deliver their promised results. Our schedule is well-managed and professional. To schedule free estimates, call us today at (440) 271-8424

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Many factors go into choosing the right shingle roof system. These include selecting the suitable shingle roofing material, installing an underlay, and adequately deciding on the optimal size and location of tiles. There are many types of overlapping shingle roof units, with each having its advantages. Our metal roofing system in Ohio is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable roofing solution for your Ohio residential property. These attractive roofs can be maintained easily and come in many colors and designs. These roofs are highly preferred by many commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings throughout the Midwest.

Pole barns can be one of the most valuable additions to your property. Pole barns were used for various purposes, including as homes, garages, or workshops. Do you plan to buy one? MK Roofing & Construction can help. Garages are a great way to increase the value of your house and provide everyday convenience. They can either be attached to existing structures or built separately. Garages of all sizes are possible.

Perhaps you have ever wondered what the process is for installing a commercial roof. Commercial roofs tend to be flat or low-sloped. These types of roofs are not as simple to install as they seem. However, MK Roofing & Construction is a reliable, qualified, and experienced commercial roofing contractor.

Are you concerned about your roof’s leakage or the presence of mold? Do you think it is time for a replacement? MK Roofing & Construction is the best company for roofing replacement. You should also assess the severity of damage and the effect of cracks on the structure.

It’s our goal to make our homes look million-dollar, but expensive roof repairs may not be possible. However, it’s a cost-effective way to keep your property in good shape without spending too much. MK Roofing & Construction Services is here to help. A roof that is well maintained will protect your business from financial losses and provide solid support for structural support, fire protection, and other functions.

A roof restoration can be described as a process of beautification or a “makeover.” First, we identify any problems and remove the old roof. The ultimate goal of roof repair is to reduce the damage, extend the life expectancy, and fix any existing issues. The results can be excellent when done correctly by an efficient and competent contractor. In addition, the roof will look cleaner than it did before.

Conklin’s Metal Roof Coverings System is specifically made to stop leaks at their most common place – the seams. The Metal Roof Restoration (M/R System) extends your roof’s life by resisting extreme weather conditions. This roof coating can also be used to preserve the structure of your home.

They now offer a waterproofing system that will protect aged Thermoplastic Olefins (TPO), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), or Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) roofs. This can extend and improve the roof’s life. Rooftops that are weathered by TPO or other single-ply membranes approved can become cracked, leaky, and collect dirt. This reduces their efficiency and energy-saving capabilities.

You can look forward to many years of hassle-free protection with low maintenance. Conklin’s SPF Roofing System offers exceptional energy savings and leak-free protection that lasts for many years. In addition, because it is impervious to dirt and discoloration, its reflective surface can last for years and still provide maximum energy savings and reflectivity.

Do you need a versatile and durable roofing system for commercial spaces? The Flexion XL PVC roofing system from Conklin might be your solution. Get a quote by calling us today! The Flexion system has many advantages. It stops leaks and provides superior waterproofing. It is first-rate in resisting hail and wind. Rated UL Fire. This increases energy efficiency and reduces utility costs. It can be used in any season and performs under all conditions.

We offer EPDM Commercial Roof Coatings for roof systems. The EPDM Commercial Roof System has many benefits. First, it is resistant to puncture and tear. Second, the EPDM roofing membrane is used for commercial roof systems. This membrane is superior to asphalt and rubber membranes.


Middlefield OH | Roofing Service Company

Middlefield, Ohio, is a small village situated between Cleveland and Akron. There are great recreation opportunities, from strolling through the historic center of the old town to watching a game at North Park. The area boasts numerous restaurants in all variations. It is a small one-street town where the Amish still live their traditional lifestyle, with good things like deep fryers and transformers outlawed. It is a calm village that revolves around farming, horses, bees, and textiles. Middlefield is a central part of Huntsburg Township and Parkman Township in Huntsburg Township and Parkman Township and significant business and retail presence because of this high population. There are lots of manufacturing plants here. KraftMaid and Duncan toys have their plant as well! The plants are both involved with creating some fantastic products, so now you know where your favorite kid’s books, cars, and sweet snacks came from.

More About Middlefield, Ohio

Middlefield OH | Roofing Service Company

Recreational Activities

This city has its museums and historical places where you can experience some of their history and culture. In the city, you can go to their museum that shows their famous landmarks and past to see more of the Amish and the historical places they have to offer. It also shows the different styles of how they work especially on doing roof maintenance and repairing services. There are also various options where you can experience the Amish country and do other activities. In this case, you can check out their multiple museums and churches as well. It will help you to enjoy your time and have fun with your family and friends. So, if you want to have some fun and fun activities with your family or friends, then check out Middlefield, Ohio, and explore their best attractions that they have.

Beautiful Spots

Middlefield is the perfect place to take a family vacation. Eldon Russell Park is Ohio’s largest dog park, with beautiful scenery and plenty of room for joggers and walkers to move around. The park features a pond, walking paths, and fields that are great for sports. In addition to the dog park, Eldon Russell Park also features playgrounds, shelters, and plenty of open space for a good game of frisbee. When feeling tired from the activities, there’s a spot where you can have a rest under a good roof done by us. Try to experience the fun in this place, too.

Middlefield OH | Roofing Service Company
Middlefield OH | Roofing Service Company

Roofing Services Available

Roofing is a hot topic in Ohio. With the recent housing sector boom, there is an increased demand for roofing services in Middlefield Ohio. If you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor, you’ve come to the right place. We at MK Roofing & Construction know all the ins and outs of roofing, and our goal is to provide a proper roofing service for our clients. At our residential roofing company, we do not believe in quick fixes. We believe in quality roofing services, and we will not rest until you are completely satisfied.

Amazing Foods

Food is not only a necessity for our survival; it is our culture. It’s the way we celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations, and more. The way we bond with our loved ones. Many people often overlook the importance of food and the memories it can create. There are many different cuisines and restaurants in Middlefield, Ohio, like Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen, Middlefield’s Tavern, The Dutch Restaurant, and many more! These cuisines are just the favorite mostly by the people in Middlefield. These serve as their energizer especially to roofers who do roofing services to their clients. One amazing dish boosts a person’s body to do another job once more.

Middlefield OH | Roofing Service Company

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