The Best Roofing Contractor by Hambden Township Park

Roofing Contractor by Hambden Township Park

Hambden Township Park is located in Geauga County in Chardon, Ohio, covering 29.64 acres. It is situated on the North Side of GAR Highway, across from Hambden Town Hall. There are also four fields for baseball, four picnic pavilions, three playgrounds with swings, sand diggers, jungle gyms, tarantula climbers, basketball courts, 1.63 miles worth of walking tracks, and the Veteran’s Memorial.

The Hambden Township Trustees applied for and were granted a Nature Works Grant in April 2013 to build the final phase of the walking path. The trail had been just over one mile long up to that point. The Park Board also continues to provide playground equipment for Hambden Township’s young residents.

Residents can request to have their names inscribed upon death on the Veteran’s Memorial in Hambden Township Park.

It is free to have the name of loved ones or your name engraved on the monument. For those who are deceased or living veterans, residents can fill out the forms. Up until the death of a veteran, forms will be kept by Hambden Township. Veterans or guardians should contact the Town Hall to complete the forms.

Memorial bricks surround the Veteran’s Memorial in Hambden Township Park. It is an excellent way to remember a loved one or create a permanent memorial with your family name. Click For More Article

Fill out this order form if you are interested in buying a brick. Then, return it with the required fee to the Town Hall. Two sizes are available for brick purchase. The proceeds will be used for future park projects.



Tourists can find Hambden Township in the Northeast Section of Geauga County. The 25-square-mile area is made up of gently rolling terrain that Oliver Phelps initially purchased in 1798. Mr. Phelps purchased 14.3 acres. He sold 12,000 acres of land to Dr. Solomon Bond in 1801, credited with the Township’s founding. In its inception, it was called Bondstown. In 1819, Bondstown was renamed Hambden after a dispute in the postal office. The town was named for John Hambden, who, like King Charles I, led an English movement against taxation without representation.

Dr. Bond visited Hambden 1801 to inspect his purchase. Bond settled in the Township’s southwest corner, about half a mile east of Chardon. Around 70 families were settled in the area by 1802, and 13 more arrived after 1808. Hambden, which had 296 inhabitants at the time of its first mention in the United States Census in 1820, was included in that year’s census. Hambden was the birthplace of Geauga County’s first cooperative organization. It was the Bondstown Logging Society.

Since its inception, the Township has been a predominantly agricultural community. The most important agricultural activity was dairy farming. The Hambden Grange, located on Route 608, was the site of a cheese factory. Hosea King operated a tavern and Roger’s Store in the town’s center. Later, it was called the F. A. Whitney Store or the Hambden department store. It was the Hambden General Store until 1960, when it became a service station.

The Township’s large number of sugar maple trees has contributed significantly to Geauga County’s maple syrup production. The sugar bush was a standard feature on early farms.

Hambden Township Hall, which cost $700 to build, was dedicated on January 1, 1885. Byron Shattuck built it. The Hambden Township hall had to be expanded in 1954. The Town Hall also added an expansion in the back of the building in 1994. This edition includes a Dr. Solomon Bond-named meeting room and a Fiscal Officer’s office, kitchen, and bathrooms. The new facilities were inaugurated on February 25, 1995, at an open house and ceremony.

Our predominantly agricultural community has seen a shift in recent years. Many large farms are now subdivisions, and the number of housing starts has increased significantly. However, Hambden has not been hidden away in Geauga County. New residents have begun moving from the Cleveland suburbs to the countryside. They are welcome, but we want to preserve the rural environment that makes Hambden such a proud community.



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