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An often neglected part of commercial building maintenance is the roofing system. The roof is an essential consideration for any business owner. Roofs are typically constructed using various materials and need to be inspected regularly to ensure they are in good condition. In addition, the entire roof can serve as shelter from inclement weather, which will impact your employees’ safety and your bottom line.

MK Roofing and Construction company is a family-owned business that has been in the roofing industry for over the years. Our roofing company OH takes pride in installing EPDM Roofing Systems in Middlefield, Ohio, which are among the most durable roofs available on the market today. If you’re looking for an EPDM roofer to install your next roofing project, call us today at (440) 271-8424.

What is an EPDM Roofing System?

You might be wondering what makes this roof system so different. EPDM, or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, is a rubber material made up of polymers and elastomers and has many applications in the commercial world. It’s most often used for roofing because it can withstand high temperatures and provide protection from UV rays. In addition to being resilient to these elements, it is also resistant to chemicals such as oil or gasoline, making it an ideal material for the application of surfaces exposed to various substances on a regular basis.

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The EPDM roofing process is a relatively simple one. It starts with the installation of an EPDM membrane, which functions as a protective barrier against water and other elements that may cause damage to your property. The next step in this process is installing the felt paper or asphalt shingle on top of the membrane, depending on what type of shingles you prefer. Finally, you can install gutters around your house or commercial building perimeter to channel rainwater away from it and prevent water build-up inside. If you’re interested in learning more about this type of roof system, contact us today at (440) 271-8424.

Choose EPDM Roofs For Your Commercial Property

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Choosing the right roofing system for your commercial property can be a daunting task. There are many different types of roofing systems like metal roof, coats commercial roofing systems, etc., with each one offering its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Ohio epdm roofing system may be the best choice for you because it does not need to be painted/coated, which saves on maintenance costs in the long run.

EPDM Roofing Systems are cost-effective and durable, as well as environmentally friendly. They’re also resistant to mold and mildew growth, so they won’t need to be replaced every ten years like some other types of roofs do! To learn more about how the EPDM Roofing System can benefit you, call MK Roofing and Construction today at (440) 271-8424!

Why is The EPDM Roofing System so Prevalent in Middlefield, Ohio?

As the weather changes with winter approaching, commercial business owners need to be aware of roofing conditions in their properties. Roofs that are not correctly installed or maintained can lead to leaks and water damage which is costly for homeowners and businesses.

Middlefield, Ohio, roofing industry is full of different materials and styles to choose from. The EPDM roofing system is one of the most popular commercial roofing systems in the area. This type of roof has an impressive U factor which means it is highly energy-efficient, making it perfect for commercial buildings and residential homes.

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An adequately installed rubber membrane roof system such as the EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) has many benefits that make it a cost-effective solution for your business needs. EPDM roofing systems are designed to withstand heavy loads from snow or rain while keeping water and air pollution from entering the building envelope. The durability makes them an excellent choice for large warehouses or any space where there may be significant loading conditions over time.

If you are looking for new roofs on your commercial building or want more information on any type of roofing material, look no further than MK Roofing and Construction.

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Roofing problems can be challenging to identify, especially if you are not a commercial roofing expert. The issues could range from leaks to the water damage caused by severe weather conditions like hail storms. Many other things could be causing your problem, so it’s important to ask for help from an expert before you try to do anything yourself.

If you’re in Middlefield, Ohio, and need commercial roof replacement oh, roof repair, roof restoration, or roof maintenance help, now’s the time to contact MK Roofing & Construction company! We specialize in EPDM roofs, metal roofing, and complete waterproofing system. We have over years of experience and will provide you with quality roofing systems work at a fair price. Call us at (440) 271-8424 or fill up the online form for a free quote or roof inspection.